Premium fully automatic coffee machine Top performance meets consistently high quality

The CERVINO fully automatic coffee machine sets the standard in hot beverage making. Unique, patented technologies offer ease of use and premium quality coffee. The new active heated, speed controlled brewing unit guarantees perfect extraction quality every time. The brand new 7“ TouchScreen Display makes it very easy to operate. The modular design and quality components and technologies guarantee low maintenance and service costs. Its impressive list of standard features and wide range of services make CERVINO the perfect machine for meeting the highest demands on the quality and quantity of beverages.


  • Configure up to 24 beverage specialties
  • Dispense two products at a time, even ones that combine coffee and chocolate, for example
  • Parallel dispensing of coffee/hot water/steam
  • Simple, fast spout adjustment using the elegantly designed slide bar
  • Active beans monitoring
  • Custom product names and icons, for example “Julia’s Coffee”
  • Powder bin lid for manual refilling
  • PerfectBrewHead Technology
  • ECO mode
  • Optional remote diagnosis
  • IQ Coffee Technology
  • Coffee bean container
  • 1 kg capacity, expandable to 3 kg

Actively heated, speed controlled LongLife Brewing Unit

High-performance rotary pump

HeatExchange Boiler

Integrated, electronically controlled milk pump

Comfort MultiFlow spout (143 mm adjustment range)

7″ i-TouchScreen Display

Steam wand

Gauge set (temperature and pressure indication)

    Makes less noise due to coutchouc supported mills, a reduction in the case vibration, specialized grinding discs and professional soundproofing adopted from the auto industry.

    100 % fresh milk – plus Nature configuration for organic coffee: The brewing time is ideally extended and the brewing chamber is opened to ensure the best organic coffee aroma.

    Prepare up to 4 different hot beverages simultaneously with our CERVINO D series

    Automatic Barista froth at its best: Active temperature control, from fl uffy to dense, handfrothed but automatically monitored, simultaneous production of milk froth and coffee, and much more besides!

    ChokoMilkSet for Chocolate with 100% fresh milk

    Milk&Cool 7.0 7 l for fresh milk

    Milk cooler with cup warmer: Cup&Milk 5.0D Compressor refrigerator with adjustable temperature; 2 heated layers; 5 l reservoir; Digital temperature control

    Cup warmer: Cup&Warm 3 active heated layers

    Bean/powder container extension kit to 3 kg capacity

    Coffee grounds ejection kit (stainless steel)

    Choco module Stand-alone choco module or as perfect complement to the coffee machine

  • Constant and perfect extraction quality every time
  • Best quality in every cup
  • For professional demands on the daily capacity and top performance up to 3.6 kg/h* coffee and up to 3 kg/h* chocolate
  • Chocolate drinks can be made with 100% fresh milk if desired
  • Parallel dispensing of coffee / hot water / steam
  • Simple operation
  • Dispense up to three products at a time – two cups of coffee/chocolate drinks and additionally one cup of hot water
  • High energy efficiency
  • Maintenance and servicing are kept to an absolute minimum
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Premium components and modular design
  • Comprehensive range of accessories HygienePerfect, milk coolers and cup warmers

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